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Below are a list of authors and books recommended by our team of experts.  We will be adding new recommendations frequently!

The Leadership Toolbox, Vicki Bracket
The how-to guide to becoming an effective leader and building successful organizations.

About the Author
Vicki Brackett has spent decades helping small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies increase performance, revenue, and profitability while simultaneously building deep leadership benches that are nimble and consistently ready for changing market conditions.

While leading organizations from 50 to over 2,000 employees, Vicki created a set of leadership tools that engage employees and leaders. Utilizing these proven tools, she helps build successful organizations that perform at the highest standards.  Her no nonsense, passionate, and down to earth approach inspires employee engagement and authentic inclusion, while creating deep customer and client relationships.

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The Service Journey, Susan Hoekstra
Do the secrets to delivering excellent service seem elusive and impossible? Have you done everything you can think of to improve your service delivery with mixed results? This no-nonsense, straightforward approach to delivering excellent service will give you the direction and confidence needed to get you and keep you on track. Peppered with humor and the chagrin that only real service experiences can provide, Susan shows how to align your organization’s behavior with your vision, avoid missteps and develop a customized 12-step service strategy that differentiates your firm, business, or department’s service delivery from your competition.

About the Author
Susan Hoekstra is an experienced senior manager and consultant who spent the past 25 years working with multi-sized, fast-paced, highly volatile companies in the manufacturing, distribution, membership services, franchise and financial services industries. Over the years, she has developed a penchant for developing strategic service initiatives that drive growth and value to clients, employees and shareholders.

Susan owns her own service consulting company, has worked as the Vice President of Service Strategy and Collaboration at a $5 billion corporation for eight years, and has held management roles in various industries.

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White Papers

BizJuice is pleased to provide this forum for white papers covering topics relevant to current contact center issues, challenges and thought leadership in the areas of people, process and technology.

Discounted Equipment

BizJuice has established relationships and “best pricing” agreements with contact center equipment vendors.  Whether your center needs furniture, headsets, computers, décor/pictures or other equipment and furniture, let us help you negotiate and purchase the equipment that is right for you.  Work Smarter!


BizJuice can help you create the most effective incentive programs for agents, supervisors, managers and support staff.  The right kind of incentive programs will lead to happier employees, lower attrition and better results.  Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll help you find the perfect solution.  Work smarter!

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