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Our Testimonials

“We always need to show our executives and clients how our attrition compares to other contact centers, but never had a place to go to find competitive attrition data. Thanks to BizJuice, we now have the comparative data we need – and the tools to fight attrition!”

COO, International BPO/Outsourcer

“BizJuice is a great resource for anyone embarking on new contact center projects, or just looking for ideas on how to improve on what you’re already doing.  From sales, to customer experience, expense auditing or technology evaluation, BizJuice has experts we trust.”

CEO, Accounts Receivables Management Company

“The contact center experts at BizJuice were invaluable in helping us evaluate and select the best BPO partners for our specific needs.  They helped write our RFP, evaluate responses and negotiate our SOW and MSA.”

COO, Travel/Hospitality Company

“BizJuice introduced us to their top three recommended performance dashboard solutions.  We were aware of two of the organizations, but not the third, which ended up being the perfect solutions for our needs, and the least expensive. Without BizJuice, we would have spent twice as much money for a lesser product.”

CEO, BPO/Outsourcer

“BizJuice offered us a great selection of potential consultants to help us implement our new gamification solution.  The consultant we chose helped us quickly set-up and go-live with our fall games and the results have been amazing”

MVP, Fortune 500 Media Company

“We needed training for our frontline supervisors and BizJuice recommended two great resources.  Our supervisors rated their training 9.2 (on a scale of 10) and we’ve seen immediate improvement in their performance following the training.”

VP Customer Care, Utility Company

“BizJuice connected us with several HR experts who have been awesome to work with.  If not for BizJuice, we’d have wasted time and money trying to do everything ourselves.  Thank you, BizJuice!”

HR Director, BPO Company

“BizJuice has quickly become the most valuable business development resource.  We currently use BizJuice for most of our marketing initiatives, lead generation, presentation preparation and even onsite tours and solution presentations.”

CEO, BPO Company

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